100+ Words and Phrases About Places in Chinese Beginner Level

100+ Words and Phrases About Places in Chinese // Beginner Level

Having the option to comprehend bearings in Chinese when individuals give them to you is essentially as significant as knowing how to request headings. Here is a rundown of expressions…

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How to express countries in Chinese

DAY5: How to express countries in Chinese

In this lesson, you will find out how to reveal countries in Chinese, and we will give you some helpful tips to help you remember them much more easily. Lesson…

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Glad to meet you 很高兴认识你

DAY 4: Glad to meet you 很高兴认识你

In today’s lesson, you will discover exactly how to claim “Thankful to satisfy you” in Chinese, It’s very polite to say this when you initially get to know a Chinese…

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How are you 你好吗

Lesson 8: Ways to say “How are you?” in Chinese and Answer It

“Exactly how are you?” is among the very first expressions you should discover when examining any kind of language. Equally as with various other languages (English consisted of), there are…

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ni hao

Lesson 7: Hello in Chinese – 你好ni hao | Ways to say hello Chinese

How do you say hello in Chinese? Well, you might be surprised to know that there are numerous expressions used to greet in Chinese. In this article, we will undergo…

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Your Guide to Colors in Chinese

We use 颜色 (yán sè) – colors – often, like when describing points, like our ownerships, what something or somebody appears like, or what someone’s wearing. With that in mind,…

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Chinese Pinyin Lesson 7 | Initials: d, t, n, l

In the previous lesson, we’ve learned 4 initials, which are b, p, m, f. Today we will certainly reveal you one more 4 initials, which are d, t, n, l….

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Dates in Chinese (Years, Months, Days) | the Chinese Calendar

Whether you intend to arrange meetings, make vacation appointments, or strategy social tasks, you more than likely won’t have the ability to achieve that without understanding just how to claim…

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Du Chinese is a cutting edge app will aid you

Which mobile application do Chinese students discover to be one of the most practical? There are a lots of incredible Chinese knowing Android and also iphone apps around. Nevertheless, their…

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The Best Chinese Language Learning Apps (2022)

Which mobile app do Chinese learners find to be the most helpful? There are a ton of amazing Chinese learning Android and iOS apps out there. However, their usefulness is…

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